Guide for Deleting an Instagram Account

Are you tired of sharing your moments with Instagram followers? If you have decided to delete your Instagram account altogether (permanently) or only for a short time (temporarily), read our guide. Instagram has grown to be the most used social network to take photos, add filters, and share stories with followers. Unfortunately, however, all this could be quite invasive for your privacy. Maybe you noticed that you are becoming too social addicted in the last period, and you are dismissing your friends, your loved ones, or your dog. So you have decided to avoid giving up live social relationships at the expense of this platform!Whether you have been a member for some time or have recently used it, but you think it’s not for you, you are in the right hands! If you want to delete your Instagram profile forever, but don’t know how don’t worry. This guide serves only one purpose; let you find out how to delete an Instagram account quickly. As quick as it is, it’s a simple procedure that tak…

How to Unsubscribe From LinkedIn Premium?

After reading our guide on what is LinkedIn, you signed up for this popular social network. To take benefit of additional features, such as discovering the companies and people who visit your profile, you have decided to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium. Now that you have managed to find a job, you no longer need to use the platform’s premium features. For this reason, you would like to unsubscribe from its automatic renewal. We guessed it, right? Then we’re pleased to tell you that you’ve come to the right place at the right time! With the tutorial you are about to read, we will explain how to unsubscribe Linkedin Premium by showing you the detailed procedure to succeed in your intent. First, you will find instructions on how to disable the automatic renewal of your subscription from a computer. We will explain how to proceed from smartphones and tablets. Even if the subscription was activated via iTunes on iPhones or iPads. Besides, if you encounter any problems, you will find the proce…

What Is LinkedIn? A Brief But Definitive Guide

What Are Bumper Ads? (& Tips for Creating the Best)

Advertising, in any format, continues to evolve. The latest trend is Bumper Ads, short videos reminiscent of Snapchat and Vine. These little clips may fit your strategies, but how can you create the best Bumper Ads? This innovative form of advertising is a big challenge for creatives. Discover everything this resource can offer you and the secrets that will make you stand out.What Are Bumper Ads?A Bumper ad is a 6-second video advertisement that can’t be skipped by the user. They are played during, before, or after the videos that the user wants to see on YouTube. They can also be on web pages and applications on the Display Network.Today it is one of the most common YouTube ad formats. Many advertisers use it to make advertising “less annoying” for the audience.It’s also a service that can help you connect with your potential customers. If you use it correctly, you will increase the visibility of the brand on the market.Why Should One Consider Using It?The significant influence of Bum…

Video Marketing: Content Strategy Guide for YouTube

In this post, we study YouTube’s recommended video marketing strategy and how you need to distribute it.Video marketing is the right choice. How often have you heard that it is now essential to make videos to create an online presence? Those who say this are right: it’s true, the videos give crazy results. But, contrary to what some would like you to think, it can be a little more complicated than expected. The thing is before you start recording videos, you need to know what to do in detail.You cannot proceed in the dark. What you need is a path to learn how to create marketing videos.In this post, you will find everything you need to get started:What (really) is video marketing for companies and personal brands?Why are videos so important in 2020?How to do video marketing with the YouTube strategy?Are you careful? Start reading. What Is Video Marketing?I’ll tell you right away. Video marketing is not about throwing videos online at random, trying to imitate some famous person. Right v…

What Are Topic Clusters & How Do They Improve SEO?

Wondering what topic clusters are and what are they for? Major search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithm to favor this type of content. And as a result, SEO professionals are exploring new ways to tie content to a theme-based model—the new evolution of SEO.As you browse the web, many companies are quietly setting up their sites in the background. This is due to great competition. It tries to get better results on search engines. And in this sense, SEO practices have evolved, and content-based models have been born. “What are topic clusters” is one of the most frequently asked questions of the moment. And to introduce yourself to the topic, you should know that current SEO is shifting towards the topic cluster model or content cluster where a single “pilot” page acts as the main content center. From here, several content pages linked with the same link support this content.This link action signals to search engines that the pilot page or Pillar Page is authorita…

What Is Keyword Stuffing? (&What’s Its Context of Use)

Keyword stuffing is an expression used in the world of the web (and related to SEO). It expresses the use of improperly correct techniques that aim to improve a site’s search engine ranking. Imagine that the page on which you carry out keyword stuffing is like a stuffed chicken; instead of having a nice delicious filling, we find a bunch of keywords (even long-tail) repeated over and over!What Is Keyword Stuffing?Keyword stuffing is the over-repetition of a keyword within a web document. It occurs when you try to optimize the page through the keyword density.This particular technique, therefore, consists in making a page heavier by writing lists of keywords or texts overloaded with these words. The lyrics, as you can imagine, are unnatural and, in most cases, meaningless.If keyword stuffing aims to improve the ranking of a site, in reality, Google does not look favorably on these behaviors, especially because they worsen the user experience. Penalties on Search EnginesKeyword stuffing i…